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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  May 3, 2013 1:05am-1:41am PDT

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just last month, the conservative christian group 1 million moms urged k-mart promoting free shipping. >> ship my pants right here? >> k-mart started airing it. >> i just shipped my beard. >> ain't no cloud on a sunny day. >> respect, boss man. >> critics said the notion of a white man from minnesota was racist. >> turn the frown the other way around. >> it was deemed a success. and that toed the line in an appropriate way. >> the words dew is parentally a reference to the do it slogan. >> this is how we dew it. >> but this ad is one thing they won't be dewing anymore. >> i don't think i can do this.
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>> so where is that line? for now, tonight's "closing arguments." the mountain dew commercial we just saw has found a wave of criticism. what do you think? is the outrage legit or overblown? you can weigh in on the "nightline" facebook page or tweet us. thanks for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up with overnight breaking news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow and as always we're online at
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>> breaking news happening near camarillo in ventura county. so-called springs fire now swallowed 8,000 acres. new evacuation ordered tonight and happening right now. sheriff's deputy sending shuttle to pick up 165 people from religious camp in the path of the fire. >> classes are cancelled at cal state university channel islands for tomorrow. no homes were destroyed but 15 are damaged. the fire is burning to the west of camarillo. it reached highway 1 within the past hour and for firefighters on the ground, it has been a losing battle in extreme conditions. about that is the sound and fury of destruction. win in the area clocked at 50 miles an hour. >> embers all over the place. whoa. >> just incredible. fire only 10% contained tonight but
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remains clearly a threat to property and wild life it's bad. >> i'm carolyn johnson. we begin tonight record heat here hoping to fuel the fire across the state. >> right to sandy and live doppler 7 hd. sandhya. >> it is hot here. hot down there. let me show you live doppler 7hd clear skies right now on live doppler 7hd in the area where the fire is burning. under a red flag warning. until 5:00 p.m. gust to 45 miles an hour. humidity 5 to 15 percent. of course right now humidity at 3 percent. ing. that's not going tfightert the firefighters. that heat extends from southern california all the way to the bay area. high for today. records indicated by as risk. san francisco 88 that was record. 90 in oakland. another record 91 mountain view. 92 in santa rosa. got up to 91 in santa rosa you and concorde. drastic chming headih coming heading into the weeken
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weekend. >> thanks very much. heat and the wind obviously keeping firefighters on alert in the bay area tonight. 7 news is live in oakland where firefighters have work to do. >> just a few yards from here down the hill at lake tim park firefighters attack grass fire this afternoon and on this hot dry day it's very easy to see why fire crew throughout the bay area are preparing themselves for what seems to be an early fire season. sky 7 hd you can sea a few roadside flames and traffic back up on highway 13. fire team made a fast attack. we were very fortunate that we had one unit on scene for another reason. and east bay regional park has been on patrol and this is just one of the areas they patrol. >> forecast of high win. high heat and bone dry conditions over the next few days has prompted fire team to patrol all east bay regional parks. from sky 7 hd you see more
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action on different fire. this one in castro valley. 2 traffic lanes were blocked off as crew made their attack. quickly contained and shed the fire across. across the bay area crews expecting to be buddies this fire soychbility hasn't been this dry in over 20 years. fire season will start up a little bit early and very active. >> of course these 2 fires were not very well timed at all for . happers. happened right at rush hour but those lanes blocked off were open up pretty quickly. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> sergio thank you. >> new at 11:00 recycling center stuffed with paper and cardboard san jose burst into flames tonight. around 6 fire started coming out of bails of -- bales of paper and cardboar cardboard. fire now contained but may not be extinguished until tomorrow. >> on to other news. south bay woman accused of spiking bottles of orange juice at local star buck with rubbing
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alcohol is out of jail tonight sleeping in her own bed. lisa has more on why the 50-year-old demonstrationist was suddenly released. >> this woman was a woman of few words tonight. >> anything you want to say? >> no comment. >>reporter: she rushed into her san jose home an hour after being released from jail. her attorney spoke on her behalf. >> district attorney office is has not yet found sufficient evidence to warrant them filing a criminal complaint. >>reporter: she was arrested monday after witness told police she took 2 bottle of orange juice out of the bag and put them in the frig display of the starbucks. firefighters tested the juice and found lethal level of rubbing alcohol in them. da office still awaiting lab results and since they did not charge her with anything about the woman was released. >> my client was at wrong place at the wrong time. >>reporter: many starbucks customers aren't buying it. >> my daughter could have drank
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that orange juice. she's getting out already? th. i. i don't like that. >> it's an act of terrorism because by definition she caused terror. >>reporter: those at the da office say it's far from over. cap still file charges at later time. in san jose, lisa, abc 7 news. >> new details tonight in the search for the person who murdered an 8-year-old couldn't girl. today a witness who claimed to see a man running from the home of miss fowler has now recanted her statement. >> become clear this witness is no longer credible. however, ty though this may seem like a set back in our investigation it's actually a positive result in that it allows our investigators to narrow the scope of the investigation. >>reporter: fowler found stabbed to death in her valley springs home saturday night. sheriff's department has received more than 300 tips. they are fouming on each lead as potential lead. fbi is assisting the county in the case. the :00. former bart
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police officer involved in the 2010 somewhating death of oscar grant is in trouble with the law. anthony has been charged with unemployment fraud. he's now in the army accused of collecting unemployment even though working full-time at forth pwrachlingt he's currently serving in afghanistan. his case has been postponed until he returns. >> huge win for the warriors tonight in game 6. victory that advances them in the play offs. [ screaming]. >> warriors. . >> we have full highlights coming up in sports. it was a nail biter but sweet victory in the end made sweeter still by special guest in the stand. amma is at the arena with that part of the story for us. >> most warrior fans going home looking forward to the next game. the hurn family of martinez they are likely savoring tonight game because it was a special night for aaron hurn who of course was
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injured in the boston marathon bombing. >> ladies and gentlemen the warriors like to welcome very special guest in tonight's game. 12-year-old aaron hurn of martinez. [applause] welcome home, aaron. >>reporter: standing ovation for aaron warriornight warrior game as he and the family looked on from a suite above the crowd. warriors invited the family to the game and had them come early to watch the players shoot around and meet familiar faces. like clay thompson. coach mark jackson. >>re big warrior fans. to be this close and have this kind of access is once in a life time. so very excited all excited. >>reporter: aaron gave us his just ic enough game pre-diption. >> i don't know the score but they are going to win. >>reporter: once the hurn moved up to the suite they were able to watch the game as a family with only a few distractions like this visit from forty-niner safety michael and linebacker fleming. i
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think those are the good distractions. over all great night for the hurp family. look to be having a lot of fun and we are all thankful that aaron prediction came true and warriors on to the next round. live in oakland, 7 news. >> aaron was right thanks. >> do you know what snooping is around inside your phone. >> yes 7 open your side is here to tell you about how to protect your privacy. there are app that can get to the contact list. even an app game to change your calendar. up next. i show you how you can find out if you have any nosey app on your phone. >> first time we see the arres arrest. what reece witherspoon said to officer as he put her in handcuffs. >> we are continuing to follow a fire burning in ventura county. it's still growing ferociously tonight. ferociously tonight. evacuation under way. 7 news
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>> you know it is so easy to down load app on to the smart phone. do everything from playing game to the lighting up a dark hallway. >> may nbeneath what lurk
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beneath all the playful app and michael is here with how they could be snooping on your business. >> yes they are snooping. app used every day are fun and helpful but you may not relevantize they can also line a lot of data about you and your friends, learn. company you don't even know the name of have been storing your information. now there's on lean tool that tells you about llect. we let folks check can their favorite app and boy were they surprised. >> it can change my calendar. >>reporter: she can't believe what one of her faith smart phone app can do. >> it candice play ads. it can track my location. >> red your address book is wore >> this is worse than my son. >>reporter: she said she 97 dreamed all the personal data could be quietly collected by app she uses simply to look up words in the dictionary. >> back to paper. >>reporter: what is more surprising? app everywhere are doing the same thing.
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>> could track the location. display ads. increase stored at that time eric's they like their 43. turns app. turns the i-phone into a flashlight. however it's not as simple as it looks. >> use annual. connect to facebook. that's going constantly in the background. >> flashlight. that's crazy. >>reporter: we show folk how the fun app that come free also collect a wealth of the personal information. >> this plex are a bit curious. >>reporter: spokesman for clue free web base application that tells what you data your app can collect without you realizing it. >> to make people wonder why would this application require all this information. >>reporter: made by an internet security company based in row main yeah here's how it work. you type in the name of smart phone app. clue fold
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display a list of the data the app is capable of mining. went out in the tablet computer and let folk check out their own app. >> the use and read address book. >>reporter: jose of concord didn't know the free word game could track the locate and read contact list. >> you think you are just innocently playing a game with somebody and it's jaws game buee collect ago lot of information. >> people have this idea that there's no cost of trying out free app or they don't have to think about it. >>reporter: privacy advocate higgins says both free paid app collecting the at that time's legal as long as the app disclose those practices. but few users read privacy policy. once a develop every collects the information he says it's nearly impossible to know how it is used. >> when they have millions of addresses it makes them tempting target for hackers.
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>>reporter: developer say they need to collect data for several reasons. they might access the facebook page or address book to connect you with friends for games or they might change your calendar to remind you of an event and largely ad network use the data to target advertising to you. industry spokesperson reid says ads are necessary when apps are free but it means giving up your cat a. >> i'm giving you the 43 app. i'm going to show you some ads and i'm going to collect a little bit of information than you. >> learn how to spell something right. >>reporter: brings us back to simmons and her word app the company tells us never collects stores or says your at that time a.the app does allow advertisers to access the calendar and contact list that only if you give them permission to do so. jose word with friends game made by zing a in san francisco. they tells us it already discholesterols data collection
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practices in its privacy policy. and our hope is that individuals will review the information and make informed choices about whether to use our app or certain features within them such as inviting friends to play from one address book. maker of the flashlight app did fought return our calls and e-mails for comments. clueful previously sold in the i tune students. apple remivtd because last july they didn't like the way it was marketed. now clueful the is back as free on line app. check out your smart phone app i would post the link go to our web site and click under 7 open your side. >> not using xwchl p s too. not really what you would expect. >> why he. >> thanks michael. >> new video tonight. actress reece witherspoon drunken antic that got her arrested in atlanta last month were caught on the police officer dash cam. tmz obtained that video today. >> ma'am what difficult tell you to do. i would like to
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know what's going open. >> i'm under arrest. >> i'm allowed to stand on american ground i'm a u.s. stichbilitys i can ask whatever question i want to ask. you better not arrest him. are you kidding me. >> no. i told you. >> the actress pleadedcontest t contest to object struchblingts her husband jim toth pleaded guilty to driving under the influence. open good morning america today witherspoon said she panicked and said crazy things and apologized for her behavior. >> let's go back and talk about the weather forecast. still warm and fire danger still hig high. >> sandy is here now with that. >> changes are come as we head into the wean. let's talk about live doppler 7 hd. first see in cloud here in the bay area. no rain to speak of. that could be changing. as you look at our view from our explore camera how bsco. lookig at the ferry building. 69 degrees right now in san francisco. it's pretty warm. san jose 72. half machine bay though one of the cooler spots at 50 degrees. view from the
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high definition emeryville camera see across the bay and out to sutro tower and these are the temperatures 63 degrees in santa rose. currently 69 in livermore. 65 degrees in los gatos. look what's come here. highlights heat eases up tomorrow. we look at sharply cooler weather this weekend and showers are possible early next week. so we are going to be seeing some big changes ahead. tomorrow morning clear start. es will once again warm-up into the 90's in the warmest inland valley. but not quit to the same level as today. bicest change is going to come along the coast line where the temperatures will come in lower than they were today. low 70's in the coastal communities so you will fee the cooling effects first and bay side area come down a few degrees and then eventually the inland communities. here's a look at the week ahead for oakland. tomorrow 82 degrees. expected to really be close to the level on saturday but look at the sharp drop. on sunday 69 degrees going down speed limit more by early next week only in
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the mid 60's. overnight temperatures you see them drop. not a lot. so we hang on to warmth from early in the day. clear sky mild start. low 50's to the mid 60's around the region and tomorrow afternoon you are going to be able to enjoy short sleeve weather in the south bay. 91 in morgan hill. 89 san jose. why i in santa cruz. sunnyvale clara upper 80's on the peninsula. mountain view a record at 89 degrees. city redwood city. 78 in millbrae. low mid 70's along the coast line. downtown san francisco 76 degrees. remember you are at record upper 80's today. 88 today so you feel the drop in the temperatures. 72 in daly city. this is all as the wind switches around. more of sea breeze and early start. in the north bay 85 in santa rosa. 88 in nap a.87 in clear lake. head out to the east bay. oakland downtown set a record again 82 85 85 in newark and inland areas still going to be warm. 91 degrees livermore
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pittsburgh 92 fairfield. 89 degrees in pleasanton. giants dodgers game tomorrow night it's going to be mild. and sky expected to remain clear for the game at at&t park mid 60's dropping to the low 60's. accu-weather 7 day forecast much cooler sunday could be seeing showers as early as monday and tuesday then we keep you in the below normal temperature range but we talk about almost 20 degree drop by the time we head into sunday in terms of our temperatures. >> big changes. >> yes. >> thanks. >> we'll be right back with larry. larry. >> and tonight nail bite
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. >> good evening and what a roller coaster ride. warriors survive a late implosion and somehow finish the net game 6 of the net game 6 of the play off series. among the stuffing scenes tonight. david lee torn hip flicks or and all. torn. supposed to be out for months. came out to mraichlt without reid in. 1970's time. stan standing ovation. played less than 2 minutes. exact same shot willis took and rebound. willis hit 2. nugget control the first half. animal. reid. no way the warriors win without andrew. both end of the court. jam, warriors down
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2 at the half. stone cold early. lee is loving it. flash. 14 in the quarter for surare kurr ri. lead up to 6. globe trot tore 14 point 21 rebound up to 18 at the laughe laugher. no. it was 18 and start throwing the ball all over the place. turn overs. the rebound. rip it out of his hand. will so that chandler score 4 point game over a minute left. 24-7. 3 then 16 seconds left. chandler with 1. 2 chans out of bounds to the warriors. jack hit the pair of free throw. 92-88. the final. mike joins us live from oracle it was not pretty. but somehow we all averted heart attack shoe and the warriors move on to take san antonio.
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>> you sound exhausted doing the highlights. team that has double digit turn overs in the fourth quarter are not supposed to win games like this. this young warrior team percent veered and afterwards thought the locker room would have been a lot more exciting a lot mo but more sense of relief. >> everybody relieved to finally get it done. still the way the game andded and got possession. >> it has been awhile for the team to come together. the way we have great feeling. >> just amazing. loot and out and 3 rookies out there in game 6. first round of nba my offs against a 3 seed. i feel in comfortable. because of what the guys have put in. this feels good right now. >> all right. game 1 in san antonio will be on monday the
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first time the warriors advance. year 2007. what an ending to this series. san antonio just as exiting. live from oracle own warrior girl there we go. abc 7 sports. >> love the posse. travel with shoe all t noise this noise big deal. >> 7 sports brought to you by riff rock casino. >> another day in the life. >> that's shoe. thanks very much. >> update on wildfire burning out of control writ now in
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>> wake up weather. clear side. temperatures in the 50's and 60's. mike will be hear. tracking the changing weather. 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thanks. >> updating breaking story. out of control brush fire in southern californiaxd has now ld to mandatory evacuation. >> began this morning in camarillo ventura county. 8 thousandths acres scorched in the fire. now burned all the way to the pacific ocean near malibu. >> 2 shuttle bus on the way to rescue 165 people from religious camp. another 200 people need to be evacuated. particularly at site . >> complete update for you on formng news starting at 4:30.
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